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holland gegen

Die Rivalität zwischen der niederländischen und der deutschen Fußballnationalmannschaft ist Deutschland spielte nur häufiger gegen die Schweiz (51 Spiele), die Niederlande nur häufiger gegen Belgien ( Spiele). Many translated example sentences containing "Holland gegen" – English- German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Okt. Niederlande gegen Deutschland - das klingt nach großem Fußball. Im Rahmen der Nations League treffen die Teams erstmals seit

Skulle Toivonen säga samma sak om han hade representerat Finlands landslag? Taga, vad skulle han säga om Serbien? Zlatan är halv bosnier och halv kroat.

Han känner sig uppenbarligen svensk. Inget konstigt med det. Resonemanget blir bara löjligt. Enligt mig handlar det hela om vilket land man har sina sympatier hos.

Ingen i hans familj kan ens finska http: Mina farföräldrar och far är finnar som kom hit under andra världskrigets slut. Är väl upp till Ola?

Han har ett finskt efternamn, men har aldrig ens bott i Finland. Kul att du skriver om finsk fotboll! Fortsätt med ditt fina jobb!

Det är en intressant diskussion - Självklart kommer folk att ha olika synpunkter och det finns nog inget rätt eller fel. Tack för att ni tog tiden att läsa artikeln.

A special report by the Bertelsmann Foundation , complemented by a TNS Emnid survey from November , showed that a majority of German citizens considered Islam dangerous.

These opinions were not exclusive to any political camps or social classes. Josef Schuster , chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany , voiced his opposition to the group, saying that the possibility of an Islamic conquest of Germany would be as "absurd" as a resurrection of the Nazi regime.

Schuster described Pegida as being "highly dangerous": He referred to an arson attack on a home for asylum-seekers that was ready for occupation.

After the attack, swastika graffiti was found at the scene. Schuster said that Pegida is a combination of "neo-Nazis, far-right parties and citizens who think they are finally allowed to show their racism and xenophobia openly".

He condemned the movement, stating that the fear of Islamist terror was being exploited to disparage an entire religion. Aiman Mazyek from the Central Council of Muslims in Germany stated that again and again right-wing extremists gave the public the false impression of a racist Germany.

The slogans of the protesters showed that xenophobia and anti-Semitic racism had become socially acceptable. Bachmann's credibility as a leader has been criticized because he has numerous criminal convictions, including "16 burglaries, drink-driving or without a licence and even dealing in cocaine".

He announced the creation of a special police unit to deal with criminal immigrants in Dresden and the rest of Saxony. Investigators and specialists in criminal and immigrant law would collaborate to process foreign criminals in the criminal justice system, and prevent those not eligible for asylum from obtaining the right to stay in Germany.

He said police worked on criminal immigrant cases too slowly. On the night of 5 January , the lights illuminating the Brandenburg Gate were completely turned off in protest against the Berlin offshoot named "Bärgida" [] [] and also the lights of the Catholic cathedral Kölner Dom in Cologne in repudiation against "Kögida".

Both rallies in Berlin and Cologne were successfully blocked and disbanded by counterdemonstrations. Political scientist Werner J. Patzelt [] from Dresden believes that politicians are 'clueless' when it comes to dealing with Pegida.

He says that this points to a serious problem in society , which neither the left wing nor parties of the political middle ground concern themselves with.

This allows new social initiatives critical of Islam and immigrants to form. According to right-wing extremism researcher Johannes Kies, Pegida states what many people think.

In one of his columns in the Berliner Zeitung he referred to the Jewish emancipation of 19th century Saxony, where the comparatively few resident Jews were faced with unequally difficult legal obstacles.

Political philosopher Jürgen Manemann considers Pegida an anti-political movement. According to Manemann, political action serves the common good and thus requires politicians to voice especially the interests of minorities.

While politics was based on pluralism , Pegida was in fact anti-pluralistic and thus anti-political. Explaining especially those protests against the actually non-existent threat of Islamisation from people with middle-class backgrounds, political scientist Gesine Schwan referred to results from studies on prejudice.

These studies indicate that aggressive prejudices do not originate from those groups met with resentment , but are rather a result of the situation of those who have them.

In addition, fear of social decline often seems to be expressed through aggression. This is then directed especially against those minorities which may seem dangerous, but are in reality unable to defend themselves, often due to a perceived unpopularity within the respective society.

In the first half of the 20th century, it was the Jewish minority who were imputed with plans for world domination. Today, it is the Muslim minority who is accused of plotting an Islamisation of Europe.

In an interview about Pegida, researcher on prejudice Wolfgang Benz referred to his previous warnings about right-wing extremists using the fear of foreign infiltration for their ends.

It was not the formation but the attendance figures that really surprised him. Political scientist and researcher on extremism Armin Pfahl-Traughber considers Pegida demonstrations "a new phenomenon of xenophobia ".

On 5 January , the Council on Migration [] called for a new general orientation in German society. Since, in their eyes, migration was controllable only to a limited extent, they suggested an orientation committee.

Consisting of politicians and representatives of immigrants and minorities, this would work together in order to analyse and redefine "German identity and solidarity in a pluralist republican society".

Their results were to be included in German schools' curricula in order to emphasize the historical importance of migration in Germany. In the eyes of the Council, German policy has been influenced for far too long by the CDU's guiding principle of "Germany not being a land of immigration".

Thus, a concept of integration should include foreigners and refugees in German society. According to the Council, German integration policy should not only focus on immigrants, but also provide courses on integration for groups such as Pegida.

Praising German Chancellor Angela Merkel's distancing herself from Pegida, the Council stressed that an immigration society is a very complex construct.

Political theorist Wolfgang Jäger considers Pegida a part of increasingly right-wing populist tendencies in Europe, in their Islamophobia possibly being the heir to widespread antisemitism.

He claims that the demonstrations themselves expose the movement's moderate position paper as a fig leaf for "blatantly unconstitutional xenophobia".

Thus, democrats should not sympathize with the movement, as their referring in particular to Judeo-Christian values was contrary to their actual demands.

Jäger also voiced concerns about the "ghosts of the old nationalism re-entering Germany through the back door".

According to political theorists, a democracy needs to be measured by how it protects its minorities. A knowledge of foreign cultures should be taught in schools.

Only in this way would it be possible to understand globalisation as a chance for cultural enrichment in the face of global terrorism.

The controversy around Pegida sparked reactions from international media as well. The signatories - among them a surviving member of Charlie Hebdo ' s editorial staff — disapproved of Pegida using the mourning to gather attention for their own cause.

They stated that Pegida symbolized everything Charlie Hebdo had fought against and asked the population of Dresden for more tolerance and to be open towards different cultures.

The Times claimed that, for the first time since , a German populist movement was publicly complaining about an ethnic minority.

This would frighten the establishment. BBC News said that Germany is not used to such large numbers of demonstrators supporting such positions.

The New York Times claimed that, because of its communist history, East Germany was more xenophobic than the rest of the country.

The paper claimed that, in light of the low numbers of Muslims living in Saxony, the fear of Islamisation was bizarre.

Russia Today reported comprehensively on Pegida. Its subsidiary Ruptly broadcast several rallies live on the internet. Turkey's Hürriyet and Sabah reported on Pegida and counterrallies.

He said that both had an archaic mindset and that Turkey was "very concerned about Pegida". The Arabic news network Al Jazeera primarily reported on counter-demonstrations.

The latter were said to have been taken over by members of the openly xenophobic right-wing splinter party Pro NRW. Patriotische Europäer gegen die Amerikanisierung des Abendlandes , or "Patriotic Europeans Against the Americanisation of the West" , claiming the true problem was not the phenomenon of Islamism but the suspected American forces behind it.

Another offshoot, Nügida, drew scrutiny after several of its members became involved in a neo-Nazi plot to bomb a refugee centre.

In January , Pegida sympathizers held their first rally in Oslo , Norway with around protesters, [] but this support quickly collapsed.

About persons were present and about of them received a fine for participating in an unauthorized demonstration.

Around 1, people turned up to oppose, led by former MP George Galloway. The first Pegida demonstration in Sweden gathered eight people in Malmö and 5, opponents.

A demonstration on 28 March in Montreal , Canada by sympathizers of Pegida was cancelled when hundreds of people gathered to counter-protest.

The demonstration ended in a melee with counter-protesters who outnumbered Pegida members about twenty to one.

Political scientist Farid Hafez argues that Pegida was not able to settle down in Austria , since the far right FPÖ already represented the ideology of Pegida in parliament and absorbed most of the far right human resources.

On 23 January , representatives of fourteen like-minded allies, including Pegida Austria, Pegida Bulgaria, and Pegida Netherlands , met with Lutz Bachmann and Tatjana Festerling in the Czech Republic to sign the Prague Declaration , which states their belief that the "history of Western civilisation could soon come to an end through Islam conquering Europe", thus formalizing their membership in the Fortress Europe coalition against that eventuality.

Other signatories present were: At the end of the Prague Declaration, above the signatures, it is stated that there would be demonstrations on 6 February to manifest their determination.

Others who joined Fortress Europe or participated in Pegida-organized demonstrations are: Whilst on his way to the rally on a Luas tram, he and members of the movement were attacked by a group of men wearing black masks.

While Minister for Health Leo Varadkar condemned the attack, he also expressed concern at the establishment of Pegida in Ireland.

A demonstration was organised in O'Connell St. A group of Pegida supporters was attacked and chased into a store by a group who broke away from the main demo.

Ireland became the 15th country with an established Pegida presence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 23 February Retrieved 16 January Stingl 16 December The Digital Coloniality of Power: European Islamophobia Report Support for the far-right and Islamophobic organisation is more keenly seen in Dutch-speaking Flanders, than in francophone Wallonia and Brussels.

The Politics of the Right: Pegida is a classic far-right anti-immigration movement. Shannon Latkin Anderson 19 November Anti-Muslim Movement Rattles Germany".

Retrieved 3 January Biggest Pegida march ever in Dresden as rest of Germany shows disgust with lights-out".

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Retrieved 19 July Germans Lose Faith in the Fourth Estate". Retrieved 5 August Dette er flagget de veiver med".

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